~ A Message Received ~

The Virgin Mary appeared to me
On this bright and sunny day
She said she had a message to give
I'm to tell you what she did say.

"The time is drawing near my child
And soon it will be upon you
Take Jesus into your heart this day
His Coming is long overdue.

Spread my words, Salvation is at hand
Don't turn away and hide
Face your sins and ask for forgiveness
In Him you need to confide.

Evil and greed has taken its due
My Son will wipe these sins from the Earth
He'll cleanse your body, soul, and mind
So you'll know what you are worth.

A new beginning will be at hand
The ones remaining will be blessed above
Greed and evil will no longer exist
All you'll know is His true love.

So spread my words, child of mine
Tell everyone to take heed
The time is drawing oh so near
To pay for all your deeds."

So now I'm delivering her message
Don't scoff or sneer at me
Please heed the words that were spoken
It's time to get on your knees.



Chee Chee Martin 2008
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
Whispered Words


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