~ Another Letter From Mother ~

Now that I'm old
I wanna act like a kid
So I'm coming to your house
and do all you once did

I'll climb on the chairs
and stand on the table
Then run through the house
as long as I'm able

I'll feed the goldfish
'til he floats on his side
And then you can wonder
'Just why did he die?'

Don't wanna watch TV
but I'll channel click,
and roll my eyes around
to see if they will stick

Gonna take off my shoes
and throw one away
have everybody searching
till the end of the day

When dinner is served
Don't expect me to eat
unless you've got something
chocolate and sweet

Please don't ask me
to say table grace
I'll hold my breath
'til I'm blue in the face

Play your favorite song
And I'll sing along 'off key'
Then I'll start crying
If you look at me

When the phone rings
I'll take my cue
That's the time for me
to start talking to you

When someone arrives
and you answer the door
Will give me  some time
to fool around some more

Gonna pull out some drawers
and dump them all out
I won't even listen
when I hear you shout

I'll sic the dog
on the neighbor's kids
Just to see them all run
like you once did

Gonna talk to the Preacher
who lives down the street
I'll think of something,
I should not repeat

I won't shut up
and I won't sit down
No use giving me
that parental frown

Got my day all planned
I'll stay busy as a bee
You won't even have to worry
about entertaining me
See you soon,

Yolanda Cohen
2004 used with permission


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