Now AOL Won't Work For Me!!!

Don't know how I lived without it...
Email is my life!
I love everything about it,
It relieves my stress and strife!

At first, I hardly slept at all...
Couldn't wait to get logged on!
And then, one day it happened...
When everything went wrong!!!

Spammed to death, my mailbox full,
And viruses galore...
Then came the day it simply crashed,
And it would work no more!

It seemed to take a lifetime
'Til my 'puter worked again...
I hadn't been so frustrated
Since... can't remember when!

Just when it seemed to be okay...
And I was happy as could be...
The darned thing upped and blew a fuse...
Now AOL won't answer me!!!

That may not seem so bad to you...
But, when I checked my book...
"AOLs" were everywhere,
Just everywhere I looked!

It seems there only are a few
Addresses of my friends,
That don't end with that darn AOL
So, no emails can I send!

So, if you're waiting for a note
From "stifled" little me...
Now you know the reason why...

Janeane Bolton
2003 used with permission

As you know, this is a true story,
 and dedicated to all those friends whom,
 I am sure, think I have forgotten them!!!

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