A Painting
A Window

A Mirror

 A window to the world
A painting to some
Sometimes slowly beckoning
Sometimes saying come.

 See whatís in your world
Through the pane of your life
Tell me what you think you see
Is your world cold as ice?

 When you glance upon yourself
Is the painting colored vivid
Or is it just a mirage
Of a life you wished you lived?

 Why not change the colors
Take on a brighter hue
Change the reflection of your life
A mirror paints only you.

 Take your mirror of what was
And change the image daily
Make your work a masterpiece
Make sure you know what itís saying.

 To you a mirror is a picture
Of the one true self you have
But the face you see each day
Is a picture for the other half.

Take the two and make them one
A glorious work of art.
A painting of what was and is
A fresh canvas for a new start.

  Twanica Adcock
© 2004 used with permission

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