~ A Soldiers Letter ~

My Dear Son, How are you on this fine day?
This is your Daddy and Iím still in a land far away.

Iím afraid I wont make it home in time for your birthday son
Because Daddy's soldier work here is not yet done.

Did you know there are little girls and boys over here
Who never get to go outside and play because of fear?

They donít get to run and play like you do everyday
So your soldier daddy has come to this land far away.

To help them live and play free
Just like you and mommy and me.

Hey, thank you for the picture of you and the ribbon
you tied out on the tree
Son, you have no idea how much
 that picture means to me.

Well, I have to go now
itís time for your soldier daddy to lend a hand
To help the other soldier daddies bring freedom
to the people of this land.

So give your mommy a big hug for me
and keep one for yourself
Remember son my spirit is always with you
itís in my picture on your shelf.

Donít forget tonight when you kneel and pray
To thank God for the freedom you enjoy everyday.

I promise you son as soon as my soldier job here is done
Iíll be coming home to you and mommy just as fast as I can run.

With Love,

Ernie Smiling Hawk
© 2003 used with permission


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