~ Autumn Deja Vu ~

As I walked out my door this morn,
And felt the crisp cool air,
It took me back to another time.
When I was young and fair.

I felt I’d been right here before,
It was an exhilarating thing to do,
Just from a feeling in the air,
I encountered déjà vu.

I looked around with the same eyes,
I looked through long ago.
Even though my face looks older now,
Inside, my spirit showed.

It had not changed from the time gone by,
In those days that I once knew.
It seems like only yesterday,
In these moments of déjà vu.

The leaves are turning and I could feel,
The coolness of coming change.
And from those feelings I enjoyed,
An experience pleasantly strange.

It is like a sudden trip we make,
From days of summer’s green and blue,
That transports us back to the golds and browns,
The autumn hues of déjà vu .

The chill in the air made me reminisce,
Of younger days of me and you.
How wonderful it was when we were young in love,
In those autumn days of déjà vu.


Karen Bunker © 9/27/07

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