~ Autumn's Replications Revisited ~
From my window I watch the leaves 
dancing in a circle,
playing ring-around-the-rosy
from a gust of wind;
as memories
surge forward,
for a moment I am a child again.
We are on a school ground, holding hands
we dance in a circle and sing,
"Ring around the rosy,
pocket full of posy",
this nostalgic moment
causes me to laugh at the
unusual and funny sight.
An artist's palate, paintbrush in hand,
Colors of red and purple
splashed on a tapestry of gold
falling from pumpkin colored skies.
Teen gatherings, roasting hot dogs
and marshmallows over an outside fire,
evening hay rides,
lovers locked in each others eyes,
snuggling side by side,
wishing for more than this,
holding hands and a tender hidden kiss
Inspirations for love songs and sonnets
created in their hearts, unsung.
No need for words.
Rubber boots and umbrellas,
autumn winds softly blowing,
folks come from far and near
to hear the auctioneers at
the country fairs,
others visit vendors selling their wares,
women folk look forward
to the judging of their homemade
apple and pecan pies,
each young lady dreams of'
taking home the first prize.
Children laughing, playing
protected by faith,
oh how I cherish those youthful days,
reflections thrown back
again and again;
icons afloat in a gilded fall sky.
Harvest moon, Indian Summer,
 natures phenomenon,
reverberations of motifs
as autumn leaves swim by. 
I drink in deeply the sounds and sights
of the crisp autumn night,
enamored with the exquisite sunsets
streaming across the waters of my life.
Sacred memories.

Janice Bumbalough Marler 2003


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