~A Vivid Imagination~

A thick velvety mist rolls in
As I sit here in the dark alone
Watching shapes and shadows take form
As the house creaks and moans.

Letting my imagination take control
As my visions run rampant and free
Seeing things that aren't really there
Wondering if someone is after me.

~ * ~

My heart is racing and I start to pant
My eyes are darting here and there
Trying to see through this liquid darkness
As my senses become acutely aware.

Footsteps I hear coming down the hall
They pause and commence once again
Slowly they inch their way towards me
Could someone have broken in?

~ * ~

A form appears in the doorway
I hold my breath and shake with fear
I want to jump and run and scream
But something is holding me here.

This form slowly walks towards me
Each footstep is measured with care
It enters the room I'm sitting in
And then stops as if to stare.

~ * ~

Quietly I sit, not making a sound
As I watch this form slither and creep
Making its way to the light switch...
'What's the matter? Couldn't you sleep?'

Thank goodness, it was my husband
He scared the wits out of me
I won't be sitting in the dark anymore
Nor letting my imagination run rampant and free. :-)

~ * ~

Chee Chee Martin 2010
  2006 Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
2007 Whispered Words


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