~ Away We Go ~

It was the best of the winter season,
a land of white and black.
the sleigh was out,
the horses harnessed,
getting ready to fast track.

The ground was white with snow,
the rooftop covered like a blanket.
no footprints about,
wind whistling around,
no fence posts, snow sank it.

Bundling up in warm clothing,
boots and scarves a must.
chill in the air,
trees all so bare,
from warmth to cold, we will adjust.

All climbing in the sleigh,
Father takes the reins.
anticipation high,
smiles all around,
off we go to the Great Plains.

Smell the fresh air,
look at the lofty pine tree.
sentries at watch,
wild life silently appear,
gliding along we're fancy-free.

Noses are red, fingers stiff,
it's cold outside, miss an abyss.
breathing labored,
Father sweating,
still, this is outdoor bliss.

Wintertime frolics in the snow,
sleigh ride so much fun.
watching the scenery,
exclaiming in delight,
AWAY WE GO, one more run.

by Joan C. Nelson-Payne 12/17/08


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