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Mystifying Music

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Brought to you by 2010

~ Balance ~

Sky exhales its breath
While mockingbird trills
A light, lilting song
My empty heart fills

I'm glad of the day
The cool, springtime breeze
I'm glad of the birds
The flowers and trees

The sprinkler out back
Is daring the wind
The more the wind blows
The more water it sends

Their struggle goes on
Mist caught in the fray
A rainbow they've made
To brighten the day

No clouds in the sky
Yet, a rainbow is there
Life can be like that
Blissfully unfair

I'm glad of this life
Though sometimes it's rough
Bad things will happen
So we must be tough

We all must shoulder
Ourselves to the wind
Cherish the rainbows
They are there, sweetest friend

Faerie's Heart Songs
T.R. Cardinet 2008