~ Beacon ~

Residual anger, like poisonous bile
Roiling, festering, boiling
Reminding me of all that is vile
My life -- encompassed, spoiling

Imprisoned by erroneous thought
There are no bars to bear
Rage and fury, all that I've got
For I no longer care

My dreams lie limp, livid, dying
The sun no longer shines
Clouds above, their white belying
Dark storm, in me, that binds

And yet, I won't give up the ghost
I'll press on, 'til the end
I do not like to brag or boast
The darkness is my friend

It suits me well, at times like these
When I feel out of synch
Unable to perform or please
I dip my heart in ink

Then blackness rolls across the page
Like thunder 'cross the sky
Unleashing all my hurt and rage
I'm always left with "Why?"

Sweet release and, then, The Light
I'm disposed of my behavior
Then all that's good and true and right
I find, there, in My Savior

Receding darkness - going, gone
God loves me, this I've known
He's there for me to lean upon
When heartache wants to own

A beacon in the bleakest storm
The Light will see you through
His love will keep you safe and warm
Yes, this I promise you

The trials of every day life can often
make us feel alone, sad, hopeless.
Add to that, a real tragedy or loss,
and life feels too big for us to handle.

But, with God, storms do pass.
The sun does shine again.
Hearts and souls do heal.

Like a steadfast beacon in the night,
God is always there to provide us
with His light and love.

Faerie's Heartsongs
T.R. Cardinet 2009

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2002 Bruce DeBoer


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