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~ Beautiful Snow ~
I look out the window across the field
Which is blanketed with beautiful snow
I watch as the birds circle above
Looking for food in every row.
The Canadian geese are in the sky
Flying in their v-formation
They're leaving the cold and snow behind
They're going south for their winter vacation.
I wonder how the little animals exist
In this beautiful winter wonderland
Are they warm and do they have enough to eat
I think I'll lend a helping hand.
Some people head south to escape all of this
The cold, the snow, the sleet
But as I gaze across the snow covered field
I'm in awe, of this, God's feat!
In his way he's cleansing what he created
Blanketing the land in nothing but white
No footprints or paw prints can be found
Look around you, it's such a beautiful sight.

Chee Chee Martin
2004 used with permission

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