~ Be Blessed This Day ~

For you I pray, this journey o'er
For God to sweep the webs away,
Dark musings, doom or shadowed gloom
I pray your heart be blessed this day.

I pray with love, God lifts your thoughts
To His divine, in all He is,
Your soul's retreat of good and right
To give you joy and radiant light.

To overflow your heart with peace
With all delight, in You, He is,
So songs of joy will burst without
To bless the Lord with heartfelt shout.

That He uphold your heart with strength
Your heart in Him, forever kept,
God slew all darkness on the cross
He broke the chain, you're borne in love.


Soft whispers just for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008

The most glorious promises of God
are generally fulfilled in such a
wondrous manner that He steps forth
to save us at a time when there is
the least appearance of it.
C. H. von Bogatzy

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Midi is used with permission
Bruce DeBoer


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