~ Because Of You ~

Because of you
I can see how bright the sun can be
Because of you I can turn into a butterfly
I can fly into the sky, make a wish
That you will be close
When I whisper your name.
Because of you, I can be forever free
Touch the clouds and in the sky
Never ask the question why

Because of you, I hear birds sing
Nature all around I see,
All part of life for me to be.
Because of you, I can look beyond the rainbow
So wonderful, red and green and blue.
Because of you I never feel the pain
I see instead magic in the color,
My favorites I love to view
I wish I could make a scarf of all
To tell you what you mean...
You are to me,
most everything.

Because of you, all life now shines
Your heart and mine forever one,
Glowing in the brightest sun.
Thank you, you're always helping me to see
The wondrous love of God
for you and me

Linda Ann Henry 2009
Do you remember me
The people's poet

A time for us, some day there'll be
When chains are torn by courage born of a love that's free
A time when dreams so long denied can flourish
As we unveil the love we now must hide
A time for us, at last to see
A life worthwhile for you and me
And with our love, through tears and thorns
We will endure as we pass surely through every storm
A time for us, some day there'll be a new world
A world of shining hope for you and me
Andy Williams

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