Beauty blooms because of you,
you are a gift sent from the heart of God
I know this
from the very special love you hold

You're glad to know
the deepest thoughts of me
and do not mind what's there to see.
Somehow you will always trust
the love of God within.
from delighting
in places of the heart
where we have been

Ever ready to share your warmth
in all that you say,
the common struggles every day.

You let me have fun or let go my tears
Reminisce on memories
Or express any old fears.

You're such a special playmate
Just like we dream of
holding hands together
on the pathway of our God

So today I want to send
these thoughts along your way
for hanging in there with me in life's garden
blooming lovely every day

It's fun being with you

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006


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