~ The Bloom of Spring ~
While pondering why I paint 
my dreams  with ink
I muse upon the myriad of reasons,
 As I dare to bare my tender heart,
With all it's vibrant seasons.
Where has this calling entered,
To bravely share my soul
My heart is so transparent
How suffer to unfold.
I return my gaze to when life started
 in the spring,
When all was fresh and new,
A little heart,  so soft and delicate,
In belief that all was true.
As I write I feel the warmth,
When time stood still for me,
I can grasp again the ones I loved,
When all I had to do, was be.
My heart still feels the balmy air,
And the treasures I held dear,
The confidence that the world I knew,
Could never disappear.
Wild flowers growing at my feet,
Puppies licking at my face...
Friends were warm and loved me still,
Blessings of abundant grace.
But childhood innocence all done,
I became a stranger to myself,
As the door opened to the future
That crept up on me with stealth.
For venturing into unknown land,
The future pulled with grasping hand.
But my mind must return, to feel and hold,
So painful memory can be told,
 For warm memories aren't all truth,
Dark days I turn away,
While afraid some things I might remember,
Others, I will forget today.
I push them to the shadow,
With struggle to move on!
Desiring to be healed,
For they hurt me far too long!
But, my senses return the feel of them,
The voice of storms I feared,
I re-enter raging fires and drought,
Of heat, that harshly seared.
The memory restoring of the pain,
More terrifying than life itself
Can I then forget them
Blindly shove the hurt back on the shelf.
Or, can I face them with new eyes,
Accept with faith, mature and real,
That nothing from the past shall injure,
My heart can safely feel.
Then I can revel in those days of summer,
Reminisce on leaves that drop sadly 
in the fall,
Feel that barrenness of winter,
While waiting for My God to call..
For spring has returned to me once more.
I know His perfect peace within.
My heart now sings with abundant joy
I know I am safe forever
In the love of my redeeming King.
And that is why I delight to live,
 My frozen heart is free,
Fear no longer traps my mind,
As I melt in His security.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2003 used with permission

"To look backward for a while is to
refresh the eye,
 to restore it,
 and to render it the more fit
for its prime function of looking forward"
Margaret Fairless Barber


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