Could some be feeling a little sad
When love is in the air to hear,
Flowers, chocolates and romantic cards for all
But, none to call me dear.

Gone are those days of delightful play
About if 'he' will really care,
For those sweet daisies up and blew away
And don't bloom anywhere.

But, if we keep on searching
We will find our own white daisy field,
If, we look in all the secret places
Where such wonder is concealed.

Shall we go on guessing then
Where we might be called to look,
Will they be in stormy pastures
Or only by a balmy brook.

Shall we find them blooming in our garden
Or somewhere far away,
Will they be there just when we need them
And would they always stay.

Oh, I so want to find a daisy so I can play again
Lord please turn one up for me..
Oh my, there is one now, just as I ask
I should have known, a daisy You would be.

You love me now, You love me not
Should I keep on forever asking...
When there is never a love so true as You
And in Your daisy field I'm basking.

Never will I find another hug so tender
Oh such security is there,
Never is there another touch so kind
Never in another will I find
Such a perfect care.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission


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