~ The Book Of Life ~

Our lives are just like an open book
We create each and every page
We fill it with events and happenings
It's like we are on a stage.

A chapter might deal with laughter
While another one deals with tears
And then there's a chapter full of joy
While another one is full of fears.

Each word that you etch onto a page
Reflects just like a mirror
Take the time to read your written words
Everything will become much clearer.

This book will follow you throughout your life
A page you will add everyday
Choose your actions and words wisely
Because your life it will portray.

Make your book worthy of reading
Fill it with happiness and love
Acts of kindness and many friendships
These attributes are not unheard of.

Each page is written by your own hand
The meaning only you will know
Selfish acts and many unkind words
You will reap just what you sow.

And when the final day draws near
The last chapter you will write
Your life will be displayed before you
It will then be too late to be contrite.

The Lord will read your mighty tome
Do you think you'll pass the test?
Your book of life represents your years
Do you think you did your very best?

Chee Chee Martin 2004

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