~ The Buffalo's Spirit Song  ~

Hau kolas, I am the mighty Buffalo ...
My spirit is with you, I did not go
We remain few under Grandfather's sun
But the plains still rumble as our spirits run

In herds, I roamed the plains wild and free
Buffalo is part of Mother's Earth's family
I was the Great mighty beast
that ancestors Blessed at their feasts

Buffalo supplied ancestors with food to eat
Our pelt furs warmed their tired cold feet
Buffalos and ancestors were brothers and friends
Part of life's circle that never ceases nor ends ...

Our hoof beats shook the plains with thunder
Filling hearts with awe and wonder
Now we seek those who drove us under ...
The men who killed with reckless plunder

Ancestors only took when there was need
While the white wichasa killed us from greed
By that old coward, Buffalo Bill Cody's hand alone
4000 were slaughtered where once was our home

The white wichasa will never learn
But by ancestor's sons, Buffalo will return!
With the Tribal Co-ops, the ITBC
Buffalo will roam and again run free...

Buffalo is the strength of your Nation
We were Great Spirit's own Creation
Lord of the prairie, the mighty beast
I will return, my spirit will never cease

Listen! Hear our mighty thunder across the plains
I still roam and rumble, my spirit yet remains...
Awaken your hearts to the rise of a new dawn...
Hear my thundering hoofs sing my song...

Barbara LaBarbera
  2004 used with permission

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