~ A Butterfly Is A Reflection Of Myself ~

As I sit here in this lonely park
The leaves are falling from the trees
When I ride by in my power wheelchair
I can hear the crunch of the leaves.

As I go along I see little animals play
I come to a lake where fish are swimming
Ducks are taking their nap. It is getting late,
I love it here and I do not really want to go home
Who knows when I will visit here once more.

My special treat is when I see birds of every color
Singing a love song to their mate
Some are making a new nest to sleep in
They take such good care of each other,
I look in the lake to see my reflection
I see a lone butterfly, flying in the clouds
How beautiful, I thought
Her wings are a multi-colored rainbow.

I believe a butterfly is a reflection of ourselves
I do know one thing, they are a gift from God
If one attaches itself to you
You are one with the butterfly
For a little while, you too can soar to the Heavens
Maybe even meet The Lord.

My butterfly was lost in the trees for a while
It made me a little sad when I could not find it
So I turned back to the fish and the ducks
They did not seem to have a care in the world.

Suddenly, out of the blue my little butterfly
Sat in my lap, much to my surprise
I could hear her wings make a noise
I believe she was trying to sing to me
As the bird did a while ago,
Somehow it was different now
I felt a oneness with God, who sent this
beautiful creature to me.

My little butterfly became a reflection of myself
Until we became one with The Lord, who sees all things
I felt now, if I wanted, I too could fly over the rainbow
It was magic. It was meant for me.

So whenever I see a butterfly
I think of those I love, who love me
When I smile with happiness
This lovely creature,
Smiles back my own reflection perfectly.

Linda Ann Henry 2004
Do you remember me
The people's poet

May we all dream of butterflies
And flying over the rainbow


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