Carousel Music


  ~ Carousel Music ~

The merry go round,
slow down,
Wide mouths
turn this way and that.
The Ferris wheel
high in the sky,
Oh, Templeton is fat.

Lovely ladies catwalk the stage
Horses canter on for cheers
Greasy pigs race from a cage
Through long legs,
a waif appears.

Megaphones call
With musical drums,
Come buy our wares,
Come, for the fun,
Enticed to clamber for the prize,
The surging throng is on the run.

A blowing in the wind,
A buzzing in the air,
A pulsating passion
A searching at the fair.

Is there something to be found,
Or one place to go,
A quest beyond today
So that we can know.

This carnival we play in.
Pulled along within.
Time spinning
way too fast
Can we ever stop the thing.

Oh this restlessness around us,
Rushing to and fro,
Can't someone
slow it down
Stem the raging flow.
Oh, how glad I am
That my Father caught me
In the merry round below.

All my searching's over,
For He gifted me the key. .
Honey from the rock,
Renews the inner me.

The carousel still turns,
I ride it now for free
He lifts me up so high,
Oh the wonders that I see,
How I love it
turning slower,
tinkling bells
delightful notes,
play the sweetest tune,
Of the song
that's never over.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2003 used with permission

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