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~ Caught In The Fray ~

Caught in the fray of day-to-day
God alone, shall be our salve
Bliss, impossibly far away
God is the source of all we have

Blessings be to those who seek
Blessings be to those in need
Salvation from a hell that haunts them
Redemption for each sinful deed

"Ask, and it shall then be given"
"Seek, and ye shall find"
It is too easy; can this be true?
Do you seek what shall be thine?

When in doubt, go to The Book
For comfort, resolution
Open it, point then and look
To find an absolution

I don't have answers, for I'm a sinner
I look, each day, for meaning too
On my own, I am no winner
I need God's love to get me through


Faerie's Heart Songs
2007 T. R. Cardinet



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