~ Celestial Escapade ~

The purple of a twilight kiss
'Pon clouds so soft in hue
The sun does set, without a hiss
Into a sea of blue

Another day is at its close
The Captain at His helm
Docks the boat in sweet repose
The sky to overwhelm

One by one, the stars appear
Like diamond faeries dancing
Across a sky so blue, so clear
A velvet stage, romancing

I see His face in every place
As shadows join the dark
Reconciled to night's embrace
Moon thinks it's all a lark

Thinnest crescent of a smile
Resting on night's breast
There, but for a little while
Moon soon will reach its crest

And then the music will begin
It starts so sweet and low
Through the treetops, gentle wind
Will headline tonight's show

Along with crickets, serenading
Some fireflies will be there
Little lamplights love parading
While skimming through the air

Creatures of the night will sing
The hooting of an owl
No full moon eliciting
A single, lonesome howl

A trail or two, in white or blue
As falling stars cascade
I make a wish, for me and you
Upon celestial escapade

May the beauty of a star-filled night
Fill your heart with much delight
May dear God, who made it all,
Be the first one thanked, in twilight's thrall

Faerie's Heartsongs
T. R. Cardinet copyright 2010

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