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~ Chances ~

Fragrant, the hush of jasmine blooming
With skylark, at dawn, dipping, crooning
Serenading sun's climb in the sky
As fluffy clouds go sailing by

The breeze through the trees, captivating
While, far below, I'm navigating
Barefoot in clover, so cool, so sweet
A song in my heart, which does repeat

Some telltale signs of what the day holds
I linger, watching, as it unfolds
Butterflies now, a part of the scene
All around, it's lovely and quite serene

This ever-changing picture of day
Captured beautifully, this morn so fey
Promise unspoken, though understood
I think about life and all that is good

In every tree and bird and flower
I see God's wonders, feel His power
In every season, a reason to live
With every heartbeat, a chance to forgive


Faerie's Heart Songs
T. R. Cardinet 2008

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