~ Could You Do It? ~

Stay awake for hours and fight the enemy
Walk a foreign land built on sand
Watch your buddies die in agony
To protect you and their homeland

Could you do it?

Watch the children as they lay injured
Bleeding and dying
Praying truth will overcome the perjured
For their truth is hidden by the lying

Could you do it?

Kill or be killed by those just as scared
When you close your eyes to sleep
You dream of home and wonder how they fared

Every day and night the same
Steaming days and desert nights
Nothing changes in the war game
Just one more of many fire fights

Could you do it?

I'm just eighteen yesterday
And I have a job to do
So remember me when you pray
Me and my brothers are protecting you

Eighteen makes me a man
I got my letter from Uncle Sam
My Mama cries and prays to God
That I won't die on foreign land

I hope I live to father a child
To know the comfort of a wife
But for now my country needs me
Even if it takes my life

I remember words from old soldiers
Remembering the days gone by
How they fought for home and ol' glory
How their brothers died so she could fly

I suit up for this war in sorrow
I'll hold a rifle in my hand
Eighteen yesterday........my birthday
Hope I live to be a man

Can I do it?

You bet I can!
Semper Fi

God Bless Them Everyone!!

Bonnie Ray and
Mary Frances Perez

2004 used with permission

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