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There is not one single item
if you're careful to spot 'em
that with a coupon they're cheaper
and guess what? "I'm a coupon keeper"!
I don't spend my day
just any ole way.
I clip many a coupon,
and I just keep on!
Even through earthquake or tornado
or visiting with folks I know ...
I just keep right on ...
clipping that ole coupon!
The store cashier may (under her breath) curse
as I dig in my purse ....
If I can just get hold
of that coupon billfold.
Now I'm hell bound
until that coupon is found!
People backed up in line
as I search til I find ...
The customers in line do a slow burn
as they wait their turn
Well, it will have to be okay,
'cause it's "coupon day"!
You people in line just go ahead
and turn red.
Wait, don't have a fit ...
I think I've found it!
Nope, but I'll dig in this bag
til that coupon I snag!
Uh Oh, the cashier is in a snit
she's called the manager to handle it.
The coupons are found
and I'm homeward bound.
After all, there's more coupons to clip
to use at the store, my next trip
Barbara LaBarbera
2003 used with permission

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