~ Cross That Bridge ~

Life can be uncertain
we know not what's in store
some days filled with sadness
others of pure joy

Perhaps you know the feeling
of hardship and despair
loneliness embracing
does anybody care?

A loved one gone to heaven
marriage on the rocks
pain and sorrow, linger
nothing makes it stop

On days when you feel hopeless
showing hints of gray
bow your head in silence
close your eyes and Pray

The bridge across will lead you
to a welcoming, stronger path
giving peace and comfort
that will forever last

Let go of all frustrations
that hold you back, until
life itself looks brighter
with nothing standing still

Come with me and follow
dwell not on painful past
take my hand, I'll lead you
on a journey you can trust

Across the bridge of darkness
you will see new light
take my hand, and follow
until you win the fight

Walk with me in friendship
discard your memories black
I promise to stay with you
until, you're back on track

I've walked alone in darkness
til nothing seemed worthwhile
bloody wounds now mended
I am Thy Father's Child

Take my hand, and follow
nothing is that bad
remember what I've told you
in this talk we've had

I'll be here when you're ready
'n help to see things through
I've told you of His Promise
the rest is up to you

© Rose Marie Streeter


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©Art by Jonathon Earl Bowser
©Night Sky Kisses Creations

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