~ Cyber Angel ~

One special day
passing the time away
Surfing the net...
A special lady I met.

Was it by accident?
For me I think it was meant.
She became my Cyber Angel
And the emails begin to sail!

The good Lord brought us together...
And now we're friends of a feather!
Many a storm we weather!
Cyber Angel will be my friend forever!


There's so much to say
about my friend I met that day!
She's funny and bright
Makes my worries light

Most important of all
She's always on call
Here on the net
Right where we met

Such mischief and fun
just like we're one.
Together we make sad days
Into fun days.


Sometimes we laugh
sometimes we cry
and now and then we sigh
this special friend and I.

Friends we'll stay
and maybe one day
by miracle or feat
in person we'll meet.

Through good and bad
I am so glad
Cyber Angel came my way
on that special day!


Barbara LaBarbera
  2003 used with permission

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