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~ Cyber Love ~

Two hearts totally on fire
filled with passionate desire
if the flames grow any higher
they'll burn up the 'puter wires!

They have their IM alarm set
wondering if their lover's on yet
They've got love on their mind
Heyy, it's 'puter passion time!

He sits staring at his 'puter screen
Oh, he says, it's her, my dream
she softly whispers, Oh it's him
and they start to passionately IM

They're 'puter says Oh, it's them
they'll burn up my dang IM
They're both really "keyed" up
filling their passion's need up

As they "chat" and seem to linger
there's fiery passion in each finger
typing heated passion on that ole IM
Whose hotter, the 'puter or them?!

Yep, they put on quite a show
but for all they really know
they could be just ole "has beens"
But they're heating up the cyber winds!

Though they can't see each other
hot dang, they've got a cyber lover!
His love could never harm her
for he's her Knight in Shining Armor

And for him it appears
she looks like Brittany Spears!
It's all their hearts ever dreamed of
Heyy, it's truly passionate 'puter love!


Barbara LaBarbera
2004 used with permission


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