Heyyy guess what's this is about?
I'm sending you a CYBER workout!
So get up and get moving
We're gonna be grooving!

So you're having a little pain
Remember, no pain no gain!
So hit it, one, two, three, four
Ok, let's do it once more!

Are you still sitting there?
Get up outta that chair!
Shake your arms and legs about
This is a CYBER workout!

Heyy, we're gonna have some fun
so come on and shake those buns!
Nooo, wait, I said shake it
not swing it til you break it!

Hmm, I see you, and there you sit
now, remember bAbe, use it or lose it
Hmm, and still there you sit yet!
Get up! Get with it, and let's sweat!

Dang! still sitting there I see
Get up and shake that booty!
Get that ole circulation pumping
and keep that ticker thumping!

Don't this make you want to shout
our own little cyber workout!
Heyyy now, we're almost done
I hope your day's full of fun!

~ Shake that booty! ~

Barbara LaBarbera 2004

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