Daddy's Little Girl

Our tiny, precious Angel
Daddy's little girl
Blonde ringlet curls 'n pigtails
Around his fingers twirled

School days still remembered
Scrapes and teary eyes
Daddy had the know how
To make the teardrops dry

Teenage years and heartache
When you hurt, he did too
Inside his heart was breaking
For you, his little girl

Wedding bells and satin
Soon you'll be a bride
Daddy's heart is beaming
Is filled with so much pride

Blessed are we who share you
Our Angel from above
You've touched the hearts of many
With strong, abundant love

As you walk down the aisle
Blonde ringlets all in place
Arm in arm with Daddy
Tear stains 'pon his face

The days of yore remembered
From babe to teen, now grown
Our little girl no longer
A flower in full bloom

You'll start a life with husband
And Dad will step aside
His little girl, now woman
Shining apple of his eye

Spread those wings and venture
Embrace your Blessed day
Feel Daddy's love enwrap you
As he gives you away

Our beautiful, loving daughter
With dainty ringlet curls
Dressed in lace and satin
Still Daddy's little girl


Rose Marie Streeter 2006

Love is the blanket that warms the soul.
Quote by Rose Marie Streeter

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