~*~ Dawn's Rhapsody ~*~



~ Dawn's Rhapsody ~

Tangled in night's shadows
Fights back the urge to run
As sky begins to lighten
She races toward the sun

With wings already singed
Dawn whispers in her ear
Ashes, just a tinge
From flames she dared come near

Stars wink their last goodbye
As sun begins to smile
She glides across the sky
And in a little while

Bright, sun-kissed horizon
Lets loose the gold of day
Fairy has her eyes on
This treasure far away

Climbing ever higher
Pinching cloud cheeks, pink
Such beauty does inspire
It also makes one think

Finding fluff, alighting
Takes in the majesty
Wings folded, now delighting
In dawn's great rhapsody

Faerie's Heart Songs
Tracy R. Cardinet

May your day be fashioned with joy,
sprinkled with dreams,
and touched by the miracles of love.



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Midi is used with permission
Geoff Anderson

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