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Gazing outside my window
Not too far away from view
I see a day on the new horizon
Where the Sun is shining through

A day where all will be treated as equal
No matter sickness, nor disability
A day where life will mean forever
Not up to someone's selfish plea

All life matters to my Jesus
As that is what He came to give
Not just for some, but for us all
As we all were made to live!

Even if a body cannot work right
And a minds alert to some degree
That person feels everything around them
Especially the love of family

Life is not subject to decisions
From the courts on high, as some may say
We were given this great blessing
When we were born, that special day

So on this blessed Easter Day
My prayers are many, and long
I pray for someone who's experiencing
A tribulation that is wrong

My heart is with this person
And her loving family
I beg the Lord above
To intervene, and hear my plea

If God should say this very day
It's time that she come home to me
Then I will trust that with my soul
As He knows best, and what should be

The day will come when life is different
The day will come when we are free
The day will come when misery is over
Gaze out your window, you too, will see!

Debbie Looney 3/27/2005
In dedication to Terri Schiavo
Dream World of Inspiration


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