Can you define beauty
Is it something that you see
Something residing in your soul
Is where this beauty should be.

Beauty means so many things
Each person defines it differently
What one may perceive as beautiful
Might be something we fail to see.

But one thing you need to realize
There's beauty in every living thing
Just open your eyes and look around
It will truly make your heart sing.

The beauty of a simple butterfly
As it flutters from here to there
Showing us the colors on its wings
Its beauty is beyond compare.

The beauty of a deep red rose
With its petals all glistening with dew
Its fragrance permeates the air all around
As it shows its beauty to you.

The beauty of a crystal blue sky
Dotted with big white clouds everywhere
The sun as it warms our planet and skin
To God you should send up a prayer.

The beauty of a deep found love
The love between a woman and a man
This feeling comes from your very soul
It was designed as part of his plan.

The beauty of a newborn baby
A miracle created by two
Your heart is bursting with so much love
A love that is different and brand new.

So if you just look around
There's beauty for your eyes to behold
God never created anything ugly
There's more beauty that is left untold.

Chee Chee Martin 2004

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