~ Destiny ~

I'm sitting at my keyboard, God
Whatever comes, it comes from You
Some folks might think that I am odd
But I know it's what I'm to do

Blessings, which you have bestowed
I use to lighten burdened hearts
Some on the path, some in the road
Some don't know quite where to start

More times than not, when I help them
Seems like it always helps me too
Just listening, being a friend
A joyous thing I get to do

I worry only that my love
Might come out tangled, twisted, wrong
Then I remember You, above
Composer of my own soul's song

It's then that I pour out my doubt
Into a prayer I wrap it, soft
I listen, for You seldom shout
And soon my spirit is aloft

I thank You, God, for blessing me
For giving me a chance to aid
When dear ones are addressing me
I pray, through You, they're not afraid

Faerie's Heart Songs
T. R. Cardinet 2007

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