~ Don't Take Away Free USA ~

Never try to take away,
Our freedom in the USA.
The people in 1776, wrote good laws for all.
Don't let a person or a country
Take our very life and soul.
Don't let man's power go so very wrong
To bring down the mighty hand of God.

I want to see this brave land
Where brave boys fought to win our wars,
Keep standing high and tall
To have the Name of God
Back where it belongs.

I am not afraid to speak,
I would gladly be one of the daughters of liberty.
Let us go back in time
When we believed with the same mind.
Stop the unrest, I feel this special day.
My loved ones were in WW1 and WW2,
We all belonged then,
to the red and white and blue.


Never try to take away,
Our freedom in the USA.
Today for this blessed land, I weep.
Remember how on boats our fathers came
For freedom of speech, religion and slaves,
Making laws for all, we want to keep.


Now to our shores they come,
Not with guns, but bombs,
To take innocent lives in some kind of law
That in our land, we know nothing of.
Little babies before they are born
Are taken before they cry,
Our loved ones who are old
They vote, to tear away their souls.

What is this world coming to,
Don't let us lose the great country we love.
Did our forefathers make us free
Only for those who no longer believe.

I will never give in to all that is sin.
My Father God, please stop what you see
Before our lives all crumble in grief
And The great USA is no longer free.


Linda Ann Henry 2010
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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