Everyday, right at three P.M.
I just have to watch my Dr. Phil.
Guests come from far and near
Knowing that help them he will.

He listens as each one complains,
My sex life has gone out of the door,
My spending habits have gotten bad,
My spouse doesn't love me anymore.

More and more problems to solve.
My teenager is acting so bad
My five year old still wets his pants.
Help, Dr. Phil, I'm feeling so sad.

My mother-in-law hates me,
My husband is cheating, I know.
My weight has sky-rocketed,
And, my spirits have fallen so low.

But, bless your heart, Dr. Phil,
The advice you give is the best.
You charm us all with "Philisms".
As you counsel each worried guest.

Have to admit, I love what you say.
"Well, how's that working for you?"
Surely a favorite of every viewer.
And, there's another one or two.

But, the best advice of all,
Speak without offending,
If argue you must, and then,
Listen without defending.

Wise words from a talented man
For he is a man in the know.
If we all had a chance to vote
His would be TV's number 1 show


Kay Brewer
2003 used with permission


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