~The English Language~

The English language
is so darn confusing
the words that we use
are sometimes amusing

Two, to and too
their, there and they're
which and witch
I pull out my hair

Son and sun
both can be bright
when jotting down lines
is it right or write

Who thought up these words
someone's to blame
mom and dad, have a spelling
in reverse, still the same

No and know,
often misused
knight and night
oh my, I'm confused

Of course there are words
like blew and blue
morning and mourning
shoe and shoo

Words drive me crazy
even though I've been taught
vowels and spellings
not, knot, naught

Dock and Doc
bear and bare
you gotta be kidding
I really don't care

These crazy words just
keep getting worse
tuff and tough
I think it's a curse

Hare on my head
a hair in the barn
where, ware and wear
bring on a big frown

Something in my I
eye don't understand
ewe or you
I'm going insane

Deer and dear
have their own place
when used correctly
puts a smile on my face

Vowels are needed
in most daily words
this English language
is for the birds

Rose Marie Streeter 2006

Board or bored?
ewe be the judge
this poem 'bout words
shirley was fun...



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