~ Eternal Winds Of Time ~

My spirit rides the winds of time,
free to roam at will.
Questing, ever reaching out,
an empty soul to fill.

The hands that shaped my spirit thus,
guide my path each day...
all I have to do is reach,
they gently point the way.

Time can swiftly run on by,
so, I pause along the path...
and cloak my spirit in gentle peace,
to the winds my troubles I cast.

The winds of time blow forever,
scattering pieces of wisdom,
for those who have the spirit to see...
to gather and carry with them.

Oh winds of time, blow gently on,
brush away my tears,
teach me in your breathless way,
there is nothing I should fear.

Scatter this love, oh timeless wind...
on fields of soil and clay,
nourish the seeds that are dropped
to blossom on distant days.

Oh, timeless wind, eternal,
when my spirit is set free,
I'll join you on your journey,
and still this aching need.

Denise Lanford
2004  used with permission

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