~ Fast Talking Foxes ~

Dr. Suess would call foxes
"foxes in boxes".
Now never ask how or why...
But foxes are sly!

Species of a different kind
None knows the nature of their mind.
What foxes do or where they go,
no one will ever know.

Tell this tale, I should ...
there's rumors about "Little Red Ridding Hood" ...
It wasn't the wolf that stalked her,
No indeed, it was a fox, a real fast-talker

Forget about ole wolf stalking ...
Sly ole fox started talking ...
He just led lil' red on ...
Through the night till dawn.

Needless to say ..
Old wolf lost his way
Poor lil' red never even saw
her poor dear grandma.

So you see ...
That's the real story!
About the wolf and lil' red
Wasn't ole wolf, but the fox instead!

Now this is no lie ...
Foxes are not only sly
But suave and smooth ...
and know many a move.

There are foxy ladies, be warned ...
Especially they've been scorned.
But, oh my, a foxy guy ...
Beware, for this dude is sly!!

So be on the look out
if a fox is about,
whether male or female
With a fox, you never can tell!

Wherever a fox goes
Always be on your toes ...
Be sharp, lock up all your kin!
For "fast talking" foxes always win!

Barbara LaBarbera
  2003 used with permission

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