It was an ordinary winters day
When my Uncle passed away
But for my dear Aunty,
It was such a sad Friday.
Everyone came to remember,
Their respects of love to pay.
Such a significant time it was
Heading that way again,
The family get-together place
Remembering.... way back when.

Our destiny was near Grandma's house
And it was just so snug,
To have the family cars pull up
And greet each other with a hug.
It didn't even matter much
Seeing them whatever year,
Just because we choose to remember
Makes everyone so dear.

We walked up for the viewing
Where the nations flag was set,
Uncle so smartly dressed in uniform
His face we can't forget.
He had a smile upon his face,
A peaceful calm repose,
With skin soft as a baby
His eyelids gently closed.

On one lapel was his golden badge,
God bless our country, so glad you came!
On the other, Aunty put the sign...
"Gone Fishing", was my game.
All the army mates were there,
With a salute for him too,
To reminisce of those past days
The eulogy continued.

We won't forget his cheeky smile
The uncomplaining manner,
His clever way of handling
A fishing rod, or spanner.
We will remember him as a soldier,
Uncle, husband, brother,
As an upstanding man of honor
With humor like no other.

We are grateful for his service
To his country, every friend,
He lives on in many hearts
Never forgotten to the end.
Some say he's just gone fishing
Over there, beyond the hill,
But no one else is fit
Those honored shoes to fill.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2003 used with permission

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