~ Forgotten Soldier ~

I am a Forgotten Soldier, forgotten with time,
How do I justify these actions, I didn't commit a crime.
I went to war, my country I did serve,
But to be forgotten, is not what I deserve.

I thank you for the medals, that are pinned upon my chest,
To show me for many others, I have done my very best.
Thank you for the furloughs, where I came home on leave,
To see a saddened family, whose heart for me does grieve.

Many soldiers make it home, while other soldiers die,
I am one of the lucky ones, although I don't know why.
I wish that on paper, I could make you see,
What war does to one's family, and what it's done to me.

My nights are filled with nightmares, the war never ends,
I keep seeing over and over, the death of fallen friends.
I see their blood soaked bodies, I hear their final cry,
How can we be forgotten, I keep asking myself why !!

It was for you and your family, that I went off to war,
Far away from familiar surroundings, to a place on foreign soil.
The Vietnam war or any other war, has had many causalities,
But Hero's come from all races and different colored families.

Red or yellow, even black or white,
Somewhere another Hero, will fall again tonight.
Please keep our soldiers, who fight for the red, white and blue,
Held up in constant prayers, just like they'd want us too..

God Bless my Country and the Soldiers too, who do all they can to keep us safe and uphold their colors,
The Red, White & Blue...


Brenda D. King 2005
Dedicated to William G McClanahan

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