~ Freedom ~
A prayer for the American Soldier

Freedom is the American Flag
Freedom is also the tears of the American Soldier today,
If we did not have these brave men and women
Putting their lives on the line,
Our Freedom may have been taken away.

I am proud to be an American
And I want to pray for the American Soldier.

Dear God,
Let freedom for this great country be one voice,
Protect the American Soldier from terrorism
And help them keep America safe within Your laws.

Bless the young women and men
Who are in a country which does not understand our ways,
Freedom always comes at a cost for all,
Yet the beauty which is the states
Must be able to have freedom of speech,
Religion and all of what the USA is standing for.

Please God,
Let them come home to their wives and children
Because they need them too,
Yet for us to be free to believe
And be able to vote is from all that they give
With the soldier fighting to keep us free
This is a God given gift.

Freedom is the beautiful mountains,
The park people walk in, the waterfall,
The White House and the President
America is the greatest country in the world.

I pray every day for the American Soldier
For without them our hope would be gone,
Thank you my friends
For giving me my Freedom

Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

I truly feel your pain and your love for our country.
I would not have my freedom today,
if it was not for you,
brave men and women.


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Margi Harrell

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