Frosty The Snowman

It was snowing on a day in January
All the schools were closed,
My friends and I wanted to make a snowman
We wanted to see him grow.

I was hoping he would be like Frosty
If I close my eyes and make a wish,
My snowman would come alive
To play with all us kids.

We had him for five whole days
Then it started getting warm,
Our snowman started to melt
For him it was too warm.

As I think back to the innocence of a child
We all melt and grow up,
Sometimes it takes a while
Until the sun has shone enough.

My snowman became just a memory
Once he melted in thin air,
I could not keep him with me
Even though I had the love to spare.

Our life is like that snowman
One day we too will no longer be here,
If we just sit back and not make our mark
Only our family will hold us dear.

Try to put a stamp on everything you do
I write my poems, to shine all that I can,
I hope I will be remembered and not melt
Like a name washed away by sand.

I hope you too want to make a mark
Give yourself to help others know what to do,
In my heart the snowman never melts
It's never too hot for him to continue.

Whenever the snow falls
I think about my youth,
And the melting snowman
For he shows me what is true,
To care about the friends I have today
Frosty is a good reminder of life to keep
I will always remember to love that way.

Linda Ann Henry 2004
Do you remember me
The people's poet

You can make a beautiful snowman,
but in the end the snowman will melt
and is only a memory.
When I die that is what will happen to me,
I will become only a memory..
but a soul cannot be just a lost memory,
it is the whole person.
A person's work cannot die,
God has planned it out.
We will live forever through our words.
They cannot melt as the snowman melted,
we will live on forever.


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