~ Garage Sale ~

I thought I'd have a garage sale
I must've been out of mind
I clearly stated my hours
My sale would start at nine.

I was awakened in the morning
At 6:30 when my doorbell did ring
I was shocked and quite amazed
These people were asking about my things.

I told them my sale would start at nine
To please go away and come back then
I still had to set everything up
And at nine my sale would begin.

I closed the door and walked away
I was mumbling, "Are these people insane?
What part of my sign didn't they understand?
I don't think I can handle all this strain!"

The closer it got to nine o'clock
The more the cars lined up outside
Several cops were there directing traffic
And all I wanted to do was hide!

Thirty minutes still remained
Before the appointed time
That's when a cop rang my doorbell
"Can't you open up before nine?"

I quickly raised my garage door
I was nearly trampled to the ground
The throng of people coming in
I believe it was half the town!

The hours went by rather fast
Thinking back, it was quite funny
I managed to sell all my stuff
I made quite a bit of money!

But, I don't think I'll do this again
It's not worth the stress and strife
In the future I'll just donate my stuff
And maybe enrich someone's life!

Chee Chee Martin 2008
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
Whispered Words

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 midi.. arranged by:
Don Carroll
Houston, Texas


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