Giggle Face

I meet my little giggle face
as I open up the door
and when I bend to pick her up
she just giggles more

I take her in my arms
and squeeze her for a while
she just snuggles up to me
and gives a great big smile

I love you little giggle face
I'd do anything for you
I'll take you where you want to go
and buy you something new

Gramma gets a lot of joy
just watching you at play
I never ever tire of you, my dear
You brighten up my day

I can feel not well at all
until I see you there
then I bounce right back again
and rock you in my chair

Come to me my giggle face
I really need a hug
I'll sit right down and play with you
on our shaggy rug

We'll get out all the favorite toys
I store away for you
I know the ones you like the best
the old ones, not the new

You really giggle when you see
the bear I bought you at your birth
You grab him and you squeeze him
for all that he is worth

Come here to me my giggle face
before mom takes you home
I need just one more hug today
to last me while you're gone

by Betty Hill 2004
dedicated to
Great Granddaughter, Kayleigh


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