Get yourself up and at it
The day is now in gear
Make every minute count
Be happy you are here!

You have seen a new day dawn
With vision clear and good
Lift your voice to heaven
Praise God like you should.

Now it's gonna be a great day,
If you've done this, and then,
You will make it a point
To phone a lonesome friend.

It'll then be great for them
They'll enjoy the day,
Because you cared enough,
To send a message their way.

It's gonna be a great day
I can tell you now,
I am determined to make
It all happen somehow.

There's so many pleasant things
God has set before our eyes,
Make up your mind, enjoy them
You might be surprised.

It is not hard to have a great day,
When you turn your back on bad
Look for "good" everywhere and
Have the greatest day you've ever had!

Betty Hill  2005

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