I've had a great life, we've loved a lot
Now it's time for my spirit to be free
I'm ready to take that journey beyond
Where I can live eternally

I thought I'd never want to go
I've fought to live with all my might
Now I hear Angels calling me
Toward a warm and gentle light

I really do want to go now
It's just too hard to stay
But I will try the best I can
To make it through another day

Then let me go, will you please?
I think the time is right
I want to say good-bye to pain
And cold and sleepless nights

Hold me close as you always have
And let me hear you say
"Because I love you so very much,
We can say good-bye today"

Now do what you know you must
That's really the best for me
And any time you wish to remember
Be happy my spirit now is free


Yolanda Cohen 2005

Midi Cosmos

Photo Yolanda Cohen

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