~ Grandpa's Goat ~

My name is Billy
Just like Grampa's goat!
But I ain't mean like him
He chewed up my good coat

And really that ain't all he done
I was bending down
To pick up a pretty rock
He hit me with his head, an awful shock

Now I can pet the dog
And even carry Kitty around
But that Billy goat
Will knock me to the ground

Grandpa's pig is big and fat
Too much for me to lift,
Besides, if I could
Her little pigs would have a fit

Now in the barn is his horse
I heard him make a noise
It scared me so bad
I think he'd eat little boys

So I stay away from the barn
And don't get too close to the cow
That girl is so big
I'm sure she'd hurt me somehow

The chickens walking everywhere
Little Lambs fill the meadow green
They are so nice to me
They're 'bout the kindest I ever seen

But while I was enjoying them
That bad ole' goat sneaked up
He sounded, oh so mad
As he gave me a billy goat butt

I'm glad I live in the city
But the farm is fun now and then
It's just that I don't like Billy
I get so mad at him!


Betty Hill 2007


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