~ The Great Physician ~


I had a friend who wasn't well, for she was feeling ill,
Her head and stomach hurt so much
that she could not sit still.
It was then I knew what I should do
and not because I'm smart,
For if it were for me,
I would have done it from the start.

No need to call 911, it's quicker just to pray,
He hears before we even call,
He works while we still speak.
The only thing required is
to know the One to seek.

Just who to call is not a hard decision,
I called the Son of God,
Jesus the Great Physician.
He took away the stomach pain,
the headache also healed,
stillness, peace and comfort
in her body now was filled.

As I watched her sleep,
I thought how the world's best magician
Can't make symptoms disappear like Jesus,
the Great Physician.
Just the name of Jesus,
can make a sickness flee,
Just ask Him for His perfect will
then trust for what He wants to be

Though there's nothing Jesus cannot heal
He chooses what is best for you
He can make us well in many ways,
There's only one thing He can't do,
He will not fail for you today.
When it comes to healing
greater than numbers are to a mathematician
or well being is to nurse, doctor or skillful surgeon,
Jesus is the Great Physician.



Beulah Marie Starr 2006

Trust God, He may want to heal you today
He may want to reveal something very special
while you are in a time of suffering,
whatever He chooses is His perfect will for you

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 Midi by Yuko Ohigashi
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